Hi all,Vera here, and I am the proud wife of a wonderful, loving have eyes only for me man by the name of Donovan and mother to two of the smartest, well-witted little princesses ever, my quick witted take no BS baby Amerah, and a smart, sassy, dynamic diva by the name of Ameenah. Currently, I'm a home maker helping my babies reach greatness through homeschooling.


I'm an Army veteran, was in the Army for seven years. Im originally from Fayetteville NC but my little family and I decided to reside in Killeen, Texas in which we have been for the past five years. 

My goal is to inspire each and everyone of you, one post at a time with my hippie heart🖤
peaceful spirit✌🏽and inspirational flow🌻I'd like to give you insight into my beautiful world and all the dope shit that comes along with it. Thank you for taking this journey with me my hip people.

Love. Peace. Light

"The Introverted Blogger"


~Hippie Heart ~Peaceful Spirit ~Inspirational Flow ~Positive Vibes ~BrownHippieChick ~Lifestyle Blogger ~Introverted Blogger

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As always, I wish you all love, peace, and much much much happiness! 

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