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Even though the people of the world have slowed down, that does not mean that Mother Earth has. Spring has finally sprung, and I am starting to see the fruits of my labor in my flower garden. I have been trying my hand in gardening for quite some time now. I can recall when I was younger my mom would make my sister and I help her in her garden. She would tell us all the tips and tricks to growing and caring for plants. At first, I looked at it as a punishment because while other kids were playing, here I am in the yard digging and sweating. I thought it was the most boring thing in the world because, in the beginning, I had no understanding of how important it can be to grow and care for a plant. There is no one plant that is the same when it comes to the care of the plant. All plants have to be taken care of in different ways some plants may require more water, sunlight, and attention than others. Plants also like when you talk to them, read to them and vibe out to some music with them.

Hi, you guys my name is Vera and I’m addicted to gardening!

Aside from when I was a girl, when I got back into gardening it started with some beans that Amerah (my oldest) had brought home when she was attending public school. Once I saw that I could get those beans to grow and keep them alive, I just started planting all types of plants, from fruits and veggies to hedges and Aloe. I could not go into Lowes, Sams, Walmart, Home Depot or anywhere that had a gardening section without coming out with at least three plants. It was getting bad y’all. So bad that Donovan had to put a cap on how much I could spend before we went into any store. Needless to say, the flowers and plants that I have chosen I feel as though I did a great job. There are only a few of my babies that are in full bloom which are the ones I’m highlighting in this post. The rose bush also known as Garden Roses was a gift from Donovan, he goes I’m going to get you this rose bush so that way I don’t have to worry about buying you flowers cause you’ll always have the rose bush. So yeah, we corny like that but oh well moving along. Here is a little bit of information about the Garden Roses followed by some information on these beautiful Tiger Lily’s.

Garden roses are predominantly hybrid roses that are grown as ornamental plants in private or public gardens. They are one of the most popular and widely cultivated groups of flowering plants, especially in temperate climates. Numerous cultivars have been produced, especially over the last two centuries, though roses have been known in the garden for millennia beforehand. While most garden roses are grown for their flowers, some are also valued for other reasons, such as having ornamental fruit, providing ground cover, or for hedging. It is believed that roses were grown in many the early civilizations of temperate latitudes from at least 5000 years ago. They are known to have been grown in ancient Babylon. Paintings of roses have been discovered in Egyptian pyramid tombs from the 14th century BC. Records exist of them being grown in Chinese gardens and Greek gardens from at least 500 BC. Many of the original plant breeders used roses as a starting material as it is a quick way to obtain results.

The significant breeding of modern times started slowly in Europe, from about the 17th century. This was encouraged by the introduction of new species, and especially by the introduction of the China rose into Europe in the 19th century. An enormous range of roses has been bred since then. Roses are one of the most popular garden shrubs in the world with both indoor and outdoor appeal. They possess several general features that cause growers and gardeners to choose roses for their gardens. This includes the wide range of colors they are available in; the generally large size of the flower, larger than most flowers in temperate regions; the variety of size and shape; the wide variety of species and cultivars that freely hybridize.

Rose flowers have historically been cultivated in a diverse number of colors ranging in intensity and hue; they are also available in countless combinations of colors which result in multicolored flowers. Breeders have been able to widen this range through all the options available with the range of pigments in the species. This gives us yellow, orange, pink, red, white and many combinations of these colors. However, they lack the blue pigment that would give a true purple or blue color and until the 21st century, all true-blue flowers were created using some form of the dye. Now, however, genetic modification is introducing the blue pigment. Colors are bred through plant breeding programs that have existed for a long time. Roses are often bred for new and intriguing color combinations which can fetch premium prices in the market.

Tiger Lily also known as Lilium lancifoliumis an Asian species of lily, native to China, Japan, Korea, and the Russian Far East. It is widely planted as an ornamental because of its showy orange-and-black flowers and has become naturalized in numerous scattered locations in eastern North America (particularly in New England). It bears the proper common English name tiger lily, but that name has been applied to other species as well. The plant's native range covers the Russian Far East to Japan and Tibet, some provinces in China, and Korea. It also sporadically occurs as garden escape in North America, particularly the eastern United States, and has made incursions into some southern states such as Georgia. It is cultivated and wild foraged in Asia for its edible bulbs.

I think I'm just going to bite the bullet and put the Lily's in the ground. The fact of the matter is I just don't know where to put them yet. I will update you all with pictures or video if I do decide to do that but for right now I'm just going to let them bloom without disturbance.

After all is said and done, more is said than done....

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As you all know with these websites you have to purchase your name and domain in order to make you an official brand. Well guys, I finally did it I purchased my domain and website! I've never been more excited! I mean, should I be this excited or am I overreacting by being overly excited?

When I put out content, I want it to be great content. I want the content to be of good use, time worthy and that of encouragement and enlightenment.

Therefore, I want to give you guys authenticity and not just some mess that is rushed and makes no sense. I love you guys and I want to show how genuine and pure that love is by giving you all the honest to goodness realness.

The journey will be long traveled but I want to thank all of you in advance for the love and support you have been showing me. Even if you just skim through my post, I just want to say thank you. Believe it or not, by my sharing with y'all the purchase of the domain this is our first milestone on this journey together.

After all is said and done, more is said than done....

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Like it or not we are all in the same boat. Same boat meaning we are all something what you called quarantined. To be honest this is nothing unorthodox for my family and I because as you all know the girls are home-schooled and Donovan and I are unemployed, but I know for some this is out of the ordinary. Now that life has slowed down quite a bit you can take the time to reflect on things and on the goals, you have set forth for yourself. You can take the time to talk to your kids and get to know

what’s going on with them and school and if they’re into that boy or girl. You get to talk to your spouse and maybe you guys realize you both have time for a vacation after all. There is no limit to the amount of conversation you can have with your loved ones. I find this time to be a blessing in disguise because it gives us “the American family” some good quality family time. If you can’t tell by now, I’m a big fan of family time and the whole strong family vibes. To all the single couples this is good for you as well because you guys get to spend good healthy quality time with one another as well. You guys get to learn how one another think and feel about one another’s feelings and goals and aspirations. So, guys let’s not look at the glass as half empty lets look at it as half full.

What have you been doing since the quarantine order came down? How have you been spending your time with yourself and your family?

If you guys need any suggestions on how to occupy your time during this quarantine, I have some suggestions below:


Its always good to pass the time with reading. There are some great novels out there that are currently on my to read list for example I must finish “The Yellow House” by Sarah M. Broom so far this autobiography is nothing short but of amazing the author Broom has done a great job of being descriptive to a point where you can imagine yourself in 1960s New Orleans. Another book I would like to read is by Zora Neal Hurston “Hitting a Straight Lick With a Crooked Stick” This book by Zora Neal Hurston is an outstanding collection of stories about love and migration, gender and class, racism and sexism that proudly reflect African American folk culture.

Another good thing to read is all about your electronics and find out things about them you never knew. You can do this with your apps as well. I find that reading deeper into my apps helps me to understand and maneuver through them so much better than just downloading them and using what’s on the surface you can say.

If you need some daily affirmations or looking for something to read to lift your spirits go to my beautiful friend @absolutedoll blog she has great content that will uplift you and have you feeling like the baddest muthaf*cka walkin. So click the link below to see what I'm talking about:



We all can use a little de-cluttering and organizing in our life. You can start with your closet and work your way through out the house. On YouTube they have so many videos that will show you little hacks and ways to de-clutter and organize. Once you start to de-clutter and organize you are going to see how much stuff you have and don’t need. By throwing out the things you don’t need and organizing the things you have it will give you a sense of relief and your home will have such a better flow through out.


Meditating is not only relaxing it is also good for you. There are many benefits to meditating it helps to reduce Stress. Stress reduction is one of the most common reasons people try meditation. Meditation also controls Anxiety. Less stress translates to less anxiety, promotes emotional health, enhances self-awareness, lengthens attention span, may reduce age-related memory loss, can generate kindness and may help fight addictions. So, meditation would be a great and beneficial way to past time.


Since the quarantine there have been a host of celebrities that have given live concerts on Instagram right from their living rooms. It has been so nice because not only are they helping to try to heal through music they are giving their time in which they’re not obligated to given the circumstances. In order to look out for who’s given a concert I just go on the celebrity gossip pages one of my favorites is The Shade Room.


The time is now to try out some of the many of millions of DIY projects they have out there on the internet. They have so much you can choose from. Practically anything you can think of from decorative DIY to food DIY. There is also so much you can do with kids from all ages. You guys DIYs are so fun to do because not only are you spending quality time but it is also cool to see if you can accomplish the project in hopes that your project looks exactly like the theirs at the end. Pinterest and YouTube are the best routes to go when inquiring about DIY projects. It’s best to start off with something simple so you won’t get discouraged and just give up on all DIY projects. You can also check out my good friend Deidre aka The Bad Bitch Home Maker at the link below:


She do her thing with the DIY projects you guys and she keeps them very simple. Go for it you guys because nothing is stopping you from trying the many DIY projects there are out there because there are many and many different categories.


You can never go wrong with getting your sexy on. There are so many exercise routines you can do from home. YouTube have so many FREE routines as well as Pinterest. There are even meal plans you can look up to go with the routine to help you to lose weight, maintain weight, get toned or whatever you are trying to do in order to improve your health as well as your fitness. So what the gym is closed you can just create a gym in your home because on YouTube they have where you can look up ways to use objects around your house as gym equipment and you don’t have to work out every day of the week but 3xs out of the week will help keep that body nice, tight and right!

You guys remember to stay safe and to keep up good hygiene!

We will get through this together!

For information on the COVID virus click the lick below:


After all is said and done, more is said than done....

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