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It's been a long time I shouldn't of left you.

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

I want to start off by first apologizing to you all for I took such a long break. It was, however, a break well needed. You know when you get that "life just get in the way" feeling? Yes, that was

me! I know most of you don't know this, but I was in Texas for quite some time when my husband and I had the fabulous idea of moving. At first we were just going to move to a different part of Texas but he nixed that by saying he wanted to get out of the South. We went on the hunt to find another state to move to.We narrowed our options down to Nevada, Arizona and Colorado. Being that we only been to two out of the three states we decided to remove Arizona from the list.

After removing Arizona we then started a pros and cons list between Nevada and Colorado. Long

story short we were looking to move to Las Vegas however I did not see it fit to raise kids in Vegas and that is just my personal opinion. Colorado became our destination. Now keep in mind we decided to do all this in the height of the pandemic so there were restriction and guidelines that we had to follow. Determining our destination was the first step the second step was to sale our house

in Texas. Of course we had to find a relator because trying to sale a house in the middle of a pandemic has got to be one of the crazy hardest things to do. Step three deciding where we want to stay in Colorado and finding a relator in that location. We thought we would want to stay in Denver however with it being the capital the houses and cost of living was way out of our budget. Finally we decided on Colorado Springs. We virtually met the most awesome realtor who help guide us to a nice little cozy town outside of Colorado Springs bay the name of Peyton. Selling the house in Texas we hit a couple of snafus the first two buyers backed out and we thought oh no this is bad. However our realtor assured us that sometimes things like that happen. When we finally got an offer which was a great one we sold. Finally being able to put the house in Texas behind us we

had to find a house in the Springs. as I stated earlier our realtor ended up finding us an amazing home on the outskirts. Of course we drove from Texas to Colorado breaking the trip up in two days because we have two kids and two dogs to think about. When we arrived in Colorado it was everything my family and I expected. What made me happy was the fact the girls and the dogs were happy. You would think that once we got here I could settle and come back to you guys that was so not the case. Once we got here we had to hit the ground running with first my husband and I celebrating the fact we brought and upgraded to a bigger home, unpacking, decorating, utilities and a whole bunch of other adult responsibilities. After we finally got some what settled we wanted to go and explore and check out all the cool things Colorado had to offer. As I said before life just got in the way and that is why it took me so long to come back to you all. I would like to say to those of you who are still here a big thank you for not leaving and I'm so happy to be back. I feel as though the break was long needed but at the same time a little too long. I promise you all that my next break won't be as long.

After all is said and done, more is said than done....

Thank you to all who have read this and please go LIKE... SUBSCRIBE... and FOLLOW! I guarantee you a good read if you do so. As always, I wish you all love 🖤, peace✌🏽, and much much much happiness😀



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