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Tie them in a knot or a Jojo Bow

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

So if you know me and the girls you know that we have been in love with bows. I believe the bigger the bow the better! Well, the girls have a new found love for Jojo bows (for those who have no knowledge of her look her up) any-who moving right along. I'm going to give you the pros of these bows then the cons. PROS They are very cute!They come in many tones.They are not as expensive if you find the right store.They are lightweight.They come in different sizes. For example:


The metal attachment to the hair.(At times it snags the hair)If your child's hair is thin or if the bow is on a thin piece of hair the bow can be a bit heavy.The price. As I stated before it all depends where you go shopping for the bows. I will provide a list of stores later on with ballpark prices. The lighter color bows can get dirty with the product from their hair and it can be hard to clean. I will also provide a cleaning guide as well.

The girls will take the pros over the cons any day(go figure)! They have so many different colors, which is partially my fault because every time we go out I have to buy at least 3 to 4 bows a piece! You can say I have an obsession as well! ⇩⇣⇓↡↓⇣Below are the tips and tricks to be able to afford these beauties and keep them clean.

Where to buy?

I normally go to The Shoe Department in my local mall. There they are priced at 7.99 whereas if you go to Claire's or Amazon you will spend anywhere from $20 and up. Granted The Shoe Department gets certain styles later down the line I personally don't mind if I'm saving a buck or two.I have yet to find another store that sales Jojo bows for that cheap. When I do I will be sure to update this blog.😉 Oh, and by the way, the size bows that I purchase are the larger ones the girls love them most.

Cleaning time!

Cleaning these guys are tricky! No, I do not wash them in the machine!😑😑 If you have girls and if you decide to purchase the bows then you should also go to your local Walmart or Sams Club to purchase these items as well. you will need:

ShoutA cheap toothbrush(always make sure its clean)Any brand of cleaning solution i.e a detergent to your liking. Lukewarm H2OSo what I do is spray the shout on first making sure to focus on the spots, not the whole bow. I then let it sit for 30 mins to an hour. After letting it sit I then take my detergent and apply it to my brush and begin to scrub the spots that need it. Using the water to keep the brush a little damp and it also helps to break up the dirt.Another piece of advice it is best not to wait too long if you have spotted a spot (kmsl get it spotted a spot) because the longer it sits the harder it is to remove the stain. Trust me I've had to replace many bows because of my being so lackadaisical. I truly hope this information was helpful to you all even if you don't have little girls take this information and pass it on to those that do and you use it for your nieces or yourself. I often thought about putting a Jojo bow in my hair. Well, who knows what the future holds.😏

In the famous words of Jojo Siwa.........

🎤 I don't really care about what they say I'm a come back like a boomerang Won't let the haters get their way

I'm a come back like a boomerang

they can keep talking their talk But I'm a keep walking my walk And I won't hear a sound 🎶🎵

After all is said and done, more is said than done....

Thank you to all who have read this and please go LIKE.. SUBSCRIBE.. and FOLLOW! I guarantee you a good read if you do so. As always I wish you all love, peace✌, and much much much happiness😀



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