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K is for Keaton

Alright, ladies and gentlemen so for the longest I have been trying to find a year around little something to decorate my front door. Like literally I would have a wreath in the cart and would put it back because I would convenience myself that it was something about it I did not like. So then I would tell myself okay Vera girl just make your own door decoration. Y'all I literally kept putting this off for the longest but I went ahead and just bite the bullet and got extra creative.



So I asked myself, Vera, what do you want to do to kickstart your weekend? Welp guys I walked around Hobby Lobby until I came up with something fun and useful. At times we get so wrapped up in different projects that we have to start making ourselves do DIY projects that will be beneficial in the long run.

As I started before I was in Hobby Lobby and I walked around for a good two hours before my creative juices started to flow. That's when I had the idea of well okay you need something really nice for your front door and


it needs to be something you can keep on your door year round.                                      

Okay so first I started off by painting the "K" with some white paint I decided to do white because I wanted the flowers to be the center of attention. As the paint was drying I took the glitter and just sprinkled a little in each area of the "K" not too much though. This is one of those things you have to eye. This is also an important step because I let the paint act as glue for the glitter. you want to remember to not sprinkle the glitter when the paint is wet but you also do not want to wait until its completely dry.

The flowers I picked myself of course. I think this is what took the majority of my time up in Hobby Lobby. I had to just keep switching and gathering and color swapping. Trust me you'll know when

you have the right bouquet. Other items I used was a glue gun, glue sticks, scissors and some plant pruners to cut the wire stem off the flower. You guys it took me all of 45 minutes to an hour to do this DIY. I'm in love with the results and I will post an update when we put it up.

After all is said and done, more is said than done....

Thank you to all who have read this and please go LIKE.. SUBSCRIBE.. and FOLLOW! I guarantee you a good read if you do so. As always I wish you all love, peace✌, and much much much happiness😀

🖤✌🏽🌻 ~BrownHippieChick~

Glitter: Hobby Lobby Price: $2.99

Paint: Hobby Lobby Price: $9.99

Flowers: Hobby Lobby Price: 0.99-2.99 (depending on style)



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