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We Just Want to Breathe!

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

We were taking from our land onto your boats. We built up your stolen land. We let you rape our women and sell our children to the highest bidder. We let you give us your scraps from your table as if we were feral dogs. We watched you beat our men down until the point you strip him of his pride. We allowed you to give us a strange identity. We, for years and still til this day have to hear you yell the word NIGGER and be ok with it because God forbid, we become angry

because that would then make us a threat to society, right? We’ve put up with you degrading us to second class citizens. We let you serve us from the back doors of your restaurants. We let you tell us what fountains to drink out of and what bathrooms to use. We let you tell us we have to sit to the back of the bus. We put up with you spraying us with water hoses and being attacked by your "trained" dogs. We let you tell us what type of house and neighborhood we could afford. We let you have more pay at work. We let you make our women care for your children before their own. We allowed you to give us poor, to no education. We allowed you to tell us we can’t swim in pools. We watched you hang members of our families over and over again. We watched you hunt our men down like hunting game leaving our women and children fatherless. We allowed you to burn down our communities. We allowed you to plant drugs on our men and send them away, yet again leaving our women and children fatherless. We allowed you to give us second rated class jobs that pay little to nothing, barely making ends meet. We allowed you to think we were your “pickaninies” and “jigaboos” on TV screens. We allowed you to use us as entertainment. We allowed you to use us as your butlers and your mammies. We watched as you took off your white hoods and put on blue uniforms and a

badge. We watched as you beat a man in the street for one minute and nineteen seconds. We watched you shoot and kill many of our young men in cold blood. We watched you choke a black man while he was screaming, I CAN’T BREATHE! Eleven times! We watched you put your knee on another black man’s neck and leave it there for eight minutes and forty-six seconds while he cried out for his deceased mother in the street. We watched you go into a man’s home and shoot him for no apparent reason. We also watched you run up in a woman’s home and shoot her in her bed while she was sleeping. We watched as you got away with it (as you do every-time) because of your badge, uniform and shitty ass excuse. We also watched you for the last FUCKING time!

We are not asking for your precious diabolical fucked up excuse of a country that WE DID NOT WANT TO BE IN, IN THE FIRST PLACE. We are asking for you to STOP GHATDAMN KILLING US, THAT’S IT.

What we’re asking for is not that complex. We allowed you all to, so now allow us to stand up and say this shit has to STOP! Allow us to stand up and say WE ARE ANGRY without you scrutinizing us and painting us in the media as the big bad wolf. Allow us to march until our feet hurt. Allow us to chant to the heavens until our voice box feel as if it’s on the brink of collapsing. Allow us to express our feelings and emotions without you giving us the side eye because you think we are a “threat to society.” Allow us to get on our social media platforms and take a stand. Allow us to not be terrified every time we see a cop car. Allow us to feel safe in a country where we are just guest passing through. Allow us to protect our sons and daughters as you protect yours. Allow us to know for sure that their future will be safe and secured because they don’t have to worry about being the next victim to the ones who vowed to protect and serve. Allow our families to feel safe in our own homes while we're sleeping. Please ALLOW US TO BREATHE because right now WE CAN’T because there are so many knees on our neck and we are just asking you to allow us to get the fuck up.

I am aware that not all law enforcement is to blame!

however, their counterparts do a hell of a job making them look bad as a whole. When I was in the Army if one of us was jacked up, we all were because we were a team of fighters, fighting the same fight. Understand that I nor my husband is not racist at all. We are just angry, and I believe that is where the big discrepancy is in all this. No, we as a people are not racist, we’re just fed up and want CHANGE. WE ARE DONE DYING! So yes, I’m going to continue to support and cheer for my people out there on the front lines marching and chanting as well as do my part by continuing to support black owned business, donate to the cause and whatever else I can do to help facilitate change. You can help as well; you don’t necessarily have to be out in the streets marching there are other ways. Down below I will leave a few links to point you in the right direction but first my sweet sweet husband Donovan wanted to get out his thoughts.

Donovan's thoughts.

Humiliation, oppression, misrepresentation, Unseen, Unheard, yet we have giving forgiveness, and you say where have I wronged you? It’s simple even a blind man reading braille can see or a deaf man with his eyes open without the ability to hear sound could comprehend and yet you still cannot? Clearly you are confused!!!

You built this country on our backs and to this present day you're quick to call us lazy!

The way this country came to be is your history not mine. Slavery would never have a staple in “history” if you left us alone. Yet we forgave you. You say “hey you need to work” but pay us less for a job that would not even be here if it was not for us helping you to build your stolen country. You are confused! To even have a no knock warrant law to begin with is confusing to me, yet you

say your country is making progress!!! You are confused!!! It does not register with you that a word which has a history of being was used in a derogatory way can make us angry. Hiding your hand and saying “What it’s just a word” then why use it? Why do you ask us if it’s okay to say!!! You are confused!! You kick in doors and take our own people and turn them against us by bribing them with lesser jail time and you say the police are great! You kill and hide your hand. You are confused!!! Your laws are forever changing I see no end in sight. Why do we have to elect people to make decisions for the free?! You are confused!!!! You want to lead but when its time you lie and break promises! YOU ARE CONFUSED!

~Donovan Keaton~

***Photos curtsey of @blackwomenradicals on instagram & Jason J Campbell on Facebook***

Get Involved & stay Informed

After all is said and done, more is said than done....

Thank you to all who have read this and please go LIKE... SUBSCRIBE... and FOLLOW! I guarantee you a good read if you do so. As always, I wish you all love 🖤, peace✌🏽, and much much much happiness😀



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